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Singapore welcomes millions of international business leaders and tourists every year and is firmly one of the leading cities in Asia for culture, history and first class hospitality. The island may be small but boasts an unrivaled selection of attractions for Singapore pictures with the stunning Marina Bay Sands, iconic Raffles Hotel with its Long Bar plus numerous offshore natural attractions such as the unspoilt Sisters Islands.

Singapore is a fascinating island-state with lots of diverse subjects to catch on camera, be it food festivals, temples and wartime sites. There are rich coral reefs nearby plus grand colonial buildings as well as the towering air-conditioned shopping malls of Orchard Road. 

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Notes on taking pictures in Singapore

This electronics-crazy Southeast Asian city-state is at the forefront of gadget and gizmos and there are many malls all over the island dedicated to the latest photographic equipment. Visitors wanting to take pictures in Singapore will have no worries finding the latest high-end kit, while stores which offer CD-burning, memory cards and other accessories are all over the place.

Visitors should be really careful not to offend cultural or religious etiquette when taking pictures in Singapore, although people here are generally very friendly and relaxed. There are all manner of religious buildings which are great for taking pictures in Singapore, but remember to be cautious during festivals and celebrations.

Singapore pictures will make a timeless reminder of your Southeast Asian experience and there is no limit to the interesting things that can be captured on film here. There are striking Singapore pictures to be found everywhere so remember to take your camera on every outing and excursion.

Safety is of no concern in Singapore as the draconian authorities give out harsh punishments for the slightest transgression. There is a slight risk of opportunistic crime, however, so those taking Singapore pictures would be wise to keep their wits about them like in any large metropolis.

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