Expat Living in Singapore

When it comes to adjusting to a new way of life, there is no easier place in Asia than Singapore. It is rated the number one city in the region for Western expats with English spoken and understood throughout, superb public transport and a low crime rate. Medical facilities and schooling are also key concerns for foreigners and Singapore scores highly on these too.

There is virtually nothing that a homesick expat cannot get his hands on in Singapore, including imported premium foods and the very latest hi-tech gadgets. It is a cosmopolitan urban lifestyle that has few of the social problems associated with large cities. Pollution and traffic congestion is rarely an issue and even the very largest cities in the West cannot compete with Singapore’s vibrant mix of cultures.


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Brief guide to expat living in Singapore

There is a huge expat scene in Singapore and in some areas it can seem that foreigners almost outnumber locals. There are dozens of social, sporting and business clubs dedicated to expats which offer a close knit support network while you are finding your feet here. 

But all the advantages of Singapore come at a price. The island-state is much more expensive than any other city in Southeast Asia and due to its compact size and dense population, real estate can work out more than even some parts of Europe and North America. For many people, heat and humidity take a little getting used to, but you are never too far from a breezy beach or air conditioned shopping mall to take refuge in.

There is a vibrant arts scene and entertainment options are as good as any major world class city. After a short while you will find yourself transforming into a fully fledged Singaporean where your free time almost entirely revolves around the pleasures of shopping and eating!

You can even apply for most visas online making staying long term in Singapore relatively painless. And standards of living is as high as anywhere in the west and experienced professionals or graduates can command attractive salaries and employment packages. A good job will afford a comfortable lifestyle and there is a wide range of long term housing options in Singapore to suit all lifestyles.

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