Tourist map of Singapore

Getting around without a Singapore map can be tricky, but we've produced this tourist-friendly map of Singapore to help you better understand the geography of the city-state.

Click on the areas below for a zoomable map of Singapore:

The island of Singapore is a paradise for its rich culture, history and gorgeous natural surroundings. There are pristine beaches on Pulau Sentosa, delicious seafood and the best shopping in Asia. Seeing all the varied attractions during your stay normally involves taking a guided tour or numerous taxies. Both can be a little expensive and restrictive, but getting around on foot and metro can be difficult without a decent tourist map of Singapore.

Here we have listed as many popular tourist facilities as possible on our Singapore map. There are many hotels, restaurants and other sights as well, such as the best markets and fun things for young and old to do. With our Singapore map you will never be bored in the city.

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