Singapore property and real estate in Singapore

Singapore has a booming property market and there are always plenty of homes for sale or rent, despite its size. It is a densely popular island and the most desirable location in Southeast Asia for expats so be prepared for real estate prices comparable to many cities in Europe and North America.

Pricey it may be, but you can expect top quality detached houses, condos and colonial style bungalows with bags of character and rest assured, the renting and purchasing process is very professional and relatively hassle free. You have nothing to fear from instructing a property agent to search for that perfect home while condos offer the easiest route to home ownership for foreign workers in Singapore.

Real estate agents

There are hundreds of accredited Singapore agents dealing in rentals and sales, many of whom specialise in the expat market. Fees are transparent with a professional service...more

Serviced apartments

A quick browse of local classified ads will highlight a tremendous variety of smart expat-friendly city centre condos and serviced apartments perfect for expats...more

Condos & apartments

Condos are considered a sound investment in Singapore and the perfect lifestyle for a retirement in the tropics. Their enduring popularity stems from the range of amenities...more


Although in relatively short supply, older houses can be great bargains for savvy investors while the burgeoning condo market offers low risk returns in an extremely stable marketplace...more

Brief guide to Singapore's property market

Singapore’s short term rental market is booming and there is usually a good turnover of homes in most areas. All house proud Singaporeans aspire to own a detached home with a garden and there are some lovely colonial style properties on the market.

In fact real estate procedures are pretty much the same as in the west, it is all very well regulated and all contracts and paperwork are completed in English. Once you have that employment contract signed, you can go ahead and simply buy property in Singapore with just a few restrictions. Renting is more common, especially for foreigners on secondments or temporary contracts and you will find something for virtually every budget.

High rise upmarket condos are popular with expats for the sports and recreation facilities, there are lovely colonial mansions and bungalows, apartments with gorgeous sea views plus cheap HDB flats where you will get a real sense of local life away from traditional expat neighbourhoods.

Like every major city in the region, there are property hotspots, up and coming areas and more affordable districts and the beauty of Singapore is its compact size. You can save a fortune by living in the suburbs and the commute is usually a breeze with fabulous public transport. Even by staying in the far north, you are likely to be no more than an hour from your office.

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